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SKIF USA Newsletters

Spring 2014 (PDF 1MB)

Fall 2010 (PDF 599KB)

Spring 2010 (PDF 1064KB)

Spring 2009 (PDF 265KB)

September 2008 (PDF 527KB)

Winter 2008 (PDF 296KB)

Fall 2007 (PDF 360KB)

Spring 2007 (PDF 1.4MB)

Kancho Kanazawa on cover of Master Magazine Summer 2007 (JPG 1.7MB)

Kancho Kanazawa article in Master Magazine Summer 2007 (JPG 385KB)

World Karate Championships 2006 (PDF 847K)

Summer, 2006 (PDF 535K)

Winter, 2006 (PDF 752K)

Fall, 2005 (PDF 470K)

Summer, 2005 (PDF 278K)

Autumn, 2004 (PDF 676K)

Spring, 2004 (PDF 700K)

February 10, 2004 (PDF 676K)

These newsletters are in PDF format. If don't already have one, you can download a PDF viewer from Adobe, free.